DescriptionFree VersionPro Version
Add Edit Copy Delete RecordsYesYes
Advanced SearchYesYes
Allow Users To Change Column OrderYesYes
Allow Users To Hide Or Display ColumnsYesYes
Apply MySQL Functions On Selected ColumnsYesYes
Easily Change Table Styles With CSSYesYes
Edit Multiple Rows SimultaneouslyYesYes
Escape HTML SupportYesYes
Example ScriptsYesYes
Export DataYesYes
Javascript Date Picker IntegrationYesYes
Join SupportYesYes
Language SupportYesYes
Paging SupportYesYes
Quick Search With HighlightingYesYes
Search On Joined ColumnsYesYes
Several Callback Functions For CustomizationYesYes
Sort Data By Any ColumnYesYes
Bookmarkable SearchesYesYes
Browser Navigation FunctionalityYesYes
File Upload Support Yes
Improved Page Navigation LinksYesYes
New Quick FiltersYesYes
Custom Group By ClausesYesYes
Custom Join ClausesYesYes
Improved Date FunctionalityYesYes
In-Line Adding Yes
In-Line Editing Yes
jQuery LibraryYesYes
jQuery UI DatepickerYesYes
jQuery UI Tooltip MessagesYesYes
Multiple Tables In One PageYesYes
Null SupportYesYes
Saves Table StateYesYes