Problem with Datetime

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Problem with Datetime

Postby a-glas » Wed Jan 20, 2021 11:23 pm

i Added a collum named lastedit

in the Function i have:

function initiateEditor()
$tableColumns['updated'] = array(
'display_text' => 'Updated',
'perms' => 'EVCXQT',
'mysql_edit_fun' => "NOW()",

But i Always get the error:
Es war ein Fehler...
Wahrscheinlich die falsche.
Wenn die ajax url korrekt ist, sehen Sie im Apache errorlog weitere Informationen

error log:
......lastedit` = NOW() where id = :old_primary_key_value<........

I Tried many Cofigurations ( Collum DATE,DATETIME,TIME,)....

Anyone have a idea how to solve this?
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