using firephp to debug mate

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using firephp to debug mate

Postby edwardsmarkf » Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:13 pm

hello all -

i found this pretty handy when it came to trying to debug a mate script (or any other php program for that matter)

1 - download and install the firephp libraries from

2 - in firefox, install firebug and firephp

3 - add this near the top of your script:

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$firephp = FirePHP::getInstance(true); //non-global
$GLOBALS['firephp'] = FirePHP::getInstance(true);

anywhere in the program you can include these calls:

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$GLOBALS['firephp']->log($var, 'Iterators');

the values are logged into the firebug console. i have not gotten this working on google-chrome yet.
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