Stop excel from auto-formatting data

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Stop excel from auto-formatting data

Postby admin » Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:23 pm

The other day I ran into the problem where excel was auto-formatting a column of data that had some very long numbers. It would truncate them or turn them into scientific notation which is not what I wanted. So after searching the net for a while I finally found a solution that works. This method should work with any type of data such as dates etc. Basically you need to trick excel into thinking the data is a formula and then it won't try to format it. Here is the code to do it with mate but it should work with any export script.

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function excelFormula($col,$val,$row)
    return '="'.$val.'"';

$tableColumns['column_name'] = array('display_text' => 'Column Name', 'perms' => 'TXQSFO', 'csv_export_fun' => array(&$this,'excelFormula'));
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