error with pro 4.2

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error with pro 4.2

Postby edwardsmarkf » Fri Dec 13, 2019 6:11 pm

hello -

when i install the pro version, and create a new db, i get the same error i see referenced in:


was this error ever resolved? its interesting the free version works fine but not the pro version!

here is all i did:

1) unzip the 4.2 zip file
2) create db & user, and run ./sql/mate.sql
3) edit the DBC.php file

also, i am not seeing much activity here anymore. is MATE still being actively supported and used?

EDIT: from looking at the pro forum replies, i am seeing a LOT of unanswered postings. so lately i have been looking at two others, phpgrid (com and org) - both look like worthy successors, and both are well supported.
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