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With MySQL Ajax Table Editor you can do all this and more by simply editing one configuration file.

Testimonials From Existing Users

All testimonials are taken from posts by real users on the forum. You can view the actual posts by clicking the links above the testimonial.

RazManVT wrote:

This isn't a post to ask about help but a mere testimonial.

I've been looking around for a decent MySQL Table Editor for awhile. As I've normalized my databases from being a flat file structure, it was important to be able to edit fields in a joined database with ease. This program provides all that and more. phpMyEdit can be a bit confusing, this is so easy to use and implement. Thanks!!!!


MrMatt wrote:

That was it. I'm so used to working with tables that have smaller datasets that I didn't even think twice about using a nonindexed column to order by. I set it to order by the id which is indexed and it is incredibly fast. Thanks so much! I will recommend this script to everyone I know that will find it useful. I also really appreciate that you have made it affordable.

withersdavis wrote:

Just wanted to say thanks to the admin for creating MATE. I really love this tool, and the support/forum is great.
Nice work. :)

teardrop wrote:

i have successfully integrated the mysql table editor in my application and i am extremely happy with it. i would like to thank the creator because without this i would need a lot more time to finish my project.

raymundo47 wrote:

First thanks for the prompt reply! Great service for a great product!